Picture of the roastbeef with asparaguspasta

Roastbeef with Asparaguspasta

Ingredients (2 Portions)

Effort: medium

300g prime rib

5 asparagus spears

200ml coconut cream
1 bunch of fresh herbs
1 chili
4 garlic cloves
noodles for 2 persons
salt, pepper


First of all we’ll marinate the meat. Therefor place it onto a piece of cling wrap and sprinkle it with coarse salt, pepper, the finely chopped chili and 2 crushed garliv cloves. Spread the seasoning all over the meat and wrap it tightly into the cling wrap. Put it into the fridge for at least 2 hours (it’ll taste the best if you leave it there overnight).

Now we can start with sauce for our pasta. Therefor you have to heat up the coconut cream and cook the asparagus within the cream until it becomes softly. Before we start to blend the sauce cook the rest of the garlic and the bunch of herbs for about 1 minute together with the asparagus. After you blended the sauce you can season it with a bit of salt and pepper.

After that get out the meat of its wrap and sear it from every side for about 2 minutes. After that put it into the oven at 100°C until the rest of the dish is ready.

Now we just have to cook the noodles in some salt water until firm to the bite. After that toss them with a bit of oliveoil and mix them up with the asparagus sauce. For the perfect consistency you can add a scoop of the water the noodles were cooked in.

You are ready to serve!

Enjoy it! 🙂


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