baked fennel drumsticks

Tasty Fennel Drumsticks

Ingredients (4 Portions)

Effort: low

1 big fennel

1 chicken breast

200g ricotta
thinly sliced bacon

salt, pepper and your favorite seasoning


First of all we’ll clean the chicken meat and remove all tendons and fat. After that it is finely cut like you do when making Beef Tatar. Now you can put some salt and pepper onto the meat and mix it together with the ricotta. Afterwards add some spices like chili, curry, …

Next thing to do is cleaning the fennel and cut of around half a centimeter of the bottom, so that you can pull of single drumsticks. Those are filled with the meat and to old everything together wrapped up with the finely sliced bacon or some prosciutto.

Put the drumsticks with a bit of vegetable broth into a baking dish and let them bake at 220°C for around 30 minutes until the bacon look crispy and you are sure that the chicken is done.

Enjoy 🙂

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