Baked potatoe with tasty filling

Pistachio Potatoes

Ingredients (4 Portions)

Effort: medium

4 big potatoes

200g gorgonzola- mascarpone cheese
2 slices of cheese for toasting
50 ml milk
1 bunch of fresh herbs
1 handful of pistachios
3 shallots
6 medium sized mushrooms


Let’s start to wash the potatoes and put them into the oven at 230°C. If you are planning a barbecue you can also put them into tinfoil and grill them within the embers.

After that, you should wash the mushrooms and cut them into slices. The shallots are cut into slices too. After that roast all of it within a pan with olive oil. As soon as it start to turn golden brown add some salt and flour to get a crispy crust. Add the pistachios for another minute and turn off the heat.

Now only the cheese topping is left. Therefor put the gorgonzola and the milk into a pot and heat it up. As soon as the cheese melts you can add the sliced cheese. Turn off the heat and add some finely chopped herbs.

As soon as the potatoes are crispy from the outside and soft from the inside you can take them out and cut them alongside. Loosen the inside of the potato with a fork and season it with a bit of salt. Afterwards fill the potato with the fried vegetable mixture and add the cheese topping. In the picture you can see some pickled radishes as garnish.

Enjoy it! 🙂

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