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The Burger

It took me nearly 2 years to write this blog post :D. I got kinda rid of writing recipes and just enjoyed the cooking without thinking about the blog post, photography and so on. But know I’m back with a good old burger, spiced up with some awsome pea-wasabi-olive cream.


Ingredients (2 portions)

Effort: medium



ca 300 g minced meat

5 tbsp breadcrumbs

50 g small diced cheese




50 g peas

1 fresh leave of a Wasabi (you can also use a bit of wasabipaste)

green olives as much as you like (I took 5 olives)

1 egg

4 tbsp olive oil



2 burger buns

cheese (cheddar or similar)



First of all we will cut the onion in two halfs. We cut the first one into thin slices and the other gets thinly diced. The diced half is mixed with the meat, breadcrumbs and the cheese within a bowl. Put it into the fridge while we will prepare the cream.

We will whisk the egg together with the oil in a blender for about 1 minute. Afterwards add all the other ingredients and blend everything for another minute.

Before we start to grill the patties we have to put the buns into the oven until they turn crispy on the outside. Further we have to sear the rest of the onion with a little bit of oil and vinegar.

Finally we are ready to grill the patties from both sides. At the end you can put the cheese on top and leave it in the pan until it melts. You are ready to assemble the burger and enjoy!

Happy Cooking! 🙂


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