Picture of the dish. Containing Chickenliver and an onion sauce

Tasty Guts

After a longer pause I’ll provide you a healthy and tasty recipe today. I know not everybody likes giblets, but they are healthy and you’ll definitely like them this way 😉

Ingredients (2 Portions)

Effort: medium

400g chicken liver

2 big red onions

3 dates

1/4 red wine

100 ml broth

flour, cornstarch

salt, pepper


First you’ll clean the liver and cut it into bite-sized pieces. After that put those pieces into a bowl of milk for neutralizing the intense taste a bit.

Meanwhile you can cut the onions into rings and the dates into very small chunks.

Next we can take out the liver and pat it dry with a paper towl. After that the liver chunks have to  be coated in flour like you do with a schnitzel ;). Then fry them in an already preheated pan from all sides, but don’t let them in for too long. As soon as they turn brown put them on a plate and keep em warm.

Now put the onions and the dates in the same pan and fry them for a few minutes too. After that thicken the onions with cornstarch and further fry them until they turn a bit brownish. Then you can deglaze them with the wine and the broth. Cook it until you get a nice creamy sauce.Fries are a perfect side dish!


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